Cypress Springs in concert

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Now, three natives of the 2-mile-long Florida Panhandle town are bringing Cypress Spring to the country rap scene. Paul Roche, Kalan Miller and Tyler Ackerman make up the trio aptly-named Cypress Spring and have big plans as they take on the genre with a “cowboy up or sit down” attitude.

Released on Nashville-based Average Joes Entertainment (also home to Colt Ford, The LACS, Montgomery Gentry, Sarah Ross and many others), this 12-track album offers songs about what’s engrained in the souls of Paul, Kalan and Tyler; simply put, their way of life. The title track, “Denim,” was a staple in Season 2 of the top-rated CMT Series, “Party Down South.” Cypress Springs’ engaging 20-webisode series, “Way of Life,” has also given fans an inside view into the trio’s everyday life and happenings.
You’ll hear songs about dropping a tailgate, bumping a good song on a dirt road and being proud of where you’re from. The hit single, “Way Of Life,” featuring The LACS and Danny Boone, talks about Cypress Spring’s southern lifestyle and how they’re proud to live the life that they do. The corresponding video has already garnered 8 million views on YouTube and almost 11 million track streams.
“We have appreciated and loved music all our lives,” said Kalan. “Finally, this is our moment to take what we’ve learned and our passion and share it with the world.”

Tickets: $10.00 – $18.00