MADE at the Movies

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Peter Hedges, Academy Award Nominee, will offer a community Q&A session after a screening of “Ben is Back” (film at Danbarry Cinema). 

Peter Hedges is an American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, film director, and producer who lives in New York City. He is known best for his movies including “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. 

Peter has deep roots in the Midwest. Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, he is keenly aware of the challenges that face smaller communities, among them the opioid crisis. Peter’s own family experiences with addiction and several overdose deaths of people close to him led him to write a screenplay about the opioid epidemic. 

The screening of the movie will take place at Danbarry Cinema at 4pm. The Community Q&A will take place at the theatre at 6pm. 

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