Volunteer Coordinator
Lori Graves

Brooke Pollard
Carolyn Ault
Christy Simmons
Ethan Hopper
Lynne Kempton
Mac Elder
Sharon Graves
Sue Roberts
Traci Elder
Cam Shipley
Cheri Shipley
Christina Sheridan
Karrol Ewry
Doris S. Blosser
Adam Ewry
Gina Gidaro

If you would like to volunteer at the Majestic Theatre please complete the Volunteer Application. Completed applications can be mailed or delivered to the theater’s office at 230 N. Plaza Blvd. or emailed to info@majesticchillicothe.net.

Volunteers can serve in many ways at the theater:
Concessions, Ticket sales, Ushering, Event organization, Marketing & Publicity, Community Engagement, Development, Maintenance, and general duties with cleaning and upkeep.

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